What Our Clients Say

Satisfied and successful customers provide the best argument in favour of our work.

Hendrik Kempfert (Managing Director)

What adform Says

“As a growing AdTech enterprise we find it exceedingly important to have experts on board and to become successful together. This applies to new colleagues as it does to external partners. We have thus found the perfect partner in ThinkHeads with regard to filling our positions at the executive and management level. These are the four deciding criteria for our cooperation: An expertise in digital business models A network that encompasses the relevant set Efficiency and extraordinarily high demands in quality Consultancy at eye level This has enabled us to promptly find new colleagues for our team.”

Stefan Vilsmeier (Founder & CEO)

What Brainlab Says

“Brainlab has profited from cooperating with an agency that specializes in marketing and sales. I was very impressed by how fast they understood what constitutes Brainlab and which candidates would suit us. Their résumé of the candidates in question sensibly augmented our own personal impression. The entire procedure was highly efficient.”

Teja Töpfer (COO & Co-Founder)

What facelift Says

“We chose to work with ThinkHeads as we needed a sparring partner to help us find highly qualified colleagues. Already at the briefing stage ThinkHeads set themselves apart from other recruitment consultancies. We use their specially developed briefing method for an in-depth mutual definition of the required profiles. It always becomes clear that the ThinkHeads team boasts extensive expertise and has a great understanding of our digital business model. We trust ThinkHeads to fill our management positions in the fields of product, digital advertising and sales.”

Andreas Seltmann (Geschäftsleiter Marketing und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit - Prokurist)

What Hekatron Says

“Since we at Hekatron use the business CANVAS model to establish business models, we found it very easy to adapt to the system and familiarize ourselves with this tool. The ThinkHeads Recruiting Canvas speaks a language that we share and understand. The Recruiting Canvas allows for an early, holistic view that can be ever refined on account of this tool’s agility. In collaborating with ThinkHeads, we were able to derive specific key indicators in view of tasks and personas that allowed us to establish a precise briefing for our vacancies. The successful placement of our new Head of Digital Marketing validates our choice in ThinkHeads as the right partner.”

Tobias Schalkhaußer (Founder & CEO)

What schalk&friends Say

“From the very beginning, ThinkHeads professionally supported the recruiting aspects of our owner-operated digital agency. We had a very efficient and constructive initial meeting on location for a detailed coordination of the project’s start, and the agile approach throughout the course of the project kept up this close, successful coordination. A high level of experience in the agency market in conjunction with a detailed knowledge of the digital market soon led to well-grounded candidates. I look forward to further collaboration.”

Hubert Eiter (VP Marketing)

What Brainlab Says

“I have come to know ThinkHeads both from a client and a candidate perspective. The team around Michael von Hirschfeld is characterized by their intense and unconditional endeavours to understand client demands, to convey the same to the candidates in intense dialogues and to thereby not only do the “right” thing but also to find the “right” candidate.”

Oliver Daniel (Country Manager Audible)

What Audible Says

“ThinkHeads has accompanied our international growth during the past years and has placed several executive positions. I sincerely appreciate their deep expertise in digital marketing. It allows us to work together at eye level. The high quality of the profiles and understanding of the right cultural fit has enabled us to close our open positions fast and sustainably.”

Alexander Franke (Founder and CEO botconnect, former Managing Director and Partner of etventure)

What etventure Says

“ThinkHeads does a fantastic job in every aspect: both in my role as candidate finding the best challenges as well as managing director attracting new talents for one’s own organization. In my roles as managing director and partner of etventure and as founder of several start-ups I experienced a very successful and trustful partnership with ThinkHeads. For this I want to thank ThinkHeads sincerely.”

Nicola Breyer (Chief Programme Officer)

What openspace Says

“The team at ThinkHeads has a unique understanding of focusing on an enterprise’s needs while immediately working on creating stable and scalable forms of organization. They succeed in doing so by taking a highly personal approach of tactful scrutiny and professional consultancy paired with a deep understanding of the challenges that businesses face in the digital world. It is a great pleasure to work with this team.”

Michael Krause (Managing Director EMEA Spotify before CEO EMEA Deezer)

What Deezer Says

“I have worked with Thinkheads throughout the last years in different companies and for various positions. Their enthusiasm in helping to find the right profile, their great pre-selection of candidates and the structured process have been great assets for us to grow our teams in this competitive digital environment.”

Susanne Nitzsche (Head of InnovationLab ALBA Management GmbH)

What ALBA Management Says

“Collaborating in staff issues and success in recruiting require trust, an understanding of the industry and a high level of knowledge of the respective business culture and structure. The team at ThinkHeads supported us in our search for qualified colleagues and connected us with excellent candidates. From the very beginning there was a great understanding for our requirements and the demands we put to our ideal candidates. We would immediately entrust ThinkHeads with any new searches for innovation candidates! Because ThinkHeads possesses the aforementioned qualities and thus brought about rapid success in our recruiting process. I would like to use this opportunity to thank them for the personal and target-oriented collaboration and I wish for many further successful placements in the future!”

Elmar Pirsich (Managing Partner, CYPP GmbH)

What CYPP Says

“ELOQUENT in their interaction, COMPETENT in their subject matter, SUCCESSFUL in their placements! …this is how I experience the team at ThinkHeads! Many thanks for your support!“

Caroline Schlegtendal (Lead HR Marketing & Recruiting bei Loyalty Partner GmbH /American Express)

What Loyalty Partner /American Express Says

“ThinkHeads presented their self-developed Recruiting CANVAS tool to us at various workshops. Today we successfully use ThinkHeads’ CANVAS in our recruiting procedures at PAYBACK and in the entire Loyalty Partner group. CANVAS helps us understand who precisely we are looking for, what precise situation we are currently in and what challenges a vacancy encompasses. This method helped us significantly raise the quality of our briefings and thus devise highly efficient and target-oriented application procedures. Furthermore, our specialist divisions and our recruiting department are now highly coordinated. As a positive side effect, the CANVAS implementation specifies the first practical goals for a new colleague to achieve. And the ThinkHeads Canvas allows us to deepen our insight of the entire organization and its team structures and interfaces.”

What Wiebke Burrichter Says

“As an HR person I wish for an HR consultancy as a partner in my HR work. Someone with whom I can collaborate in the long run and at eye level. Someone who is capable of creating meaningful connections between people and businesses by means of sustainable relationship work. I see this partner in ThinkHeads.”

Thomas Koch (Managing Partner, Pilot Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG)

What Pilot Hamburg Says

“ThinkHeads has been accompanying our success and the growth of our team for a number of years now and has filled numerous vacancies with correspondingly skilled online marketing specialists. I particularly value having a professional, reliable and trustful partner in ThinkHeads, whose high level of industry expertise allows for eye-level communication with digital advertising specialists. From our point of view, a pertinent network, consistently high quality procedures and the generally pleasant personal collaboration make ThinkHeads a highly adequate service provider in the field of staff recruitment and consultancy.”

Chris Philipps (Tech Due Diligence / Tech Advisor / Interim CTO)

What Chris Philipps Says

“More than once, the team at ThinkHeads has supported me in my work as Interim CTO, has helped me put together teams for my clients and has placed excellent CTO candidates. The passion with which ThinkHeads seeks the right candidates time after time makes cooperation a great pleasure!”

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